Thursday, July 14, 2016

Learn how to stay stylish- while you still save money

Today’s woman is smart; she is savvy and knows her mind. Yes, there are people everywhere whom she needs to impress and reach her goal on her terms. Dressing up in style is one of those important aspects when you leave home, that call for attention and men, will definitely stop and hear you, if you are well dressed and well spoken! That’s it, dressing for men or for women becomes a daily affair and one simply cannot ignore the fact that you have to have an updated wardrobe after every few months. But, how is it possible for all. Let us see how to stay stylish even at low budget.

Not every loss is a defeat! Follow Easy Health Tips For Weight Loss

Not every loss is a defeat! Follow Easy Health Tips For Weight Loss

Weight loss is now a trending topic and everyone is over conscious about it. People consult a dietician and join a gym, go for an intense workout and drilling to reduce weight and be in shape. Some people even go on a crash diet which is immensely harmful. Let’s keep aside all these hardcore methods and glance at some easy and hassle-free tips for natural weight loss and healthy living as weight loss is the only loss that makes everyone happy and delighted.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

How to Serve in Style this Holi

There is probably no one who can imagine celebrating Holi without having exclusive and exquisite delicacies. In fact, one of the first and foremost things that strikes your mind while making party plans is preparing a list of lip-smacking food items that include Tthandai, Dahi Bhalla, Gujiya, Malpua and many more. Without these, the mood and ambience of Holi are impossible to set in, isn’t it?
Well, you have already planned the delicacies with which you will be entertaining your guests. But have you decided or arranged for the utensils to serve the delicious foods? You haven’t yet considered the matter seriously because you have planned to manage it with the old and mundane sets you have.
Where you have already welcomed such a wonderful makeover exclusively for the celebration, why not consider some thoroughly vibrant and colorful serving sets this Holi? If you truly wish to let your guests a grand opportunity to enjoy Holi like never before, make sure to visit the leading online store as soon as possible. The home store is flooded with rich and bright choices of serving sets that will grace the occasion perfectly. You should ensure the presence of color in everything you do on this occasion, and the fulfillment will only come when you serve the dishes in a matchless style. 

Wondering how to impress the guests and make them happy? Here are a few exclusive ways:
Swayam Table Runner: This beautifully designed furnishing product will not only save the table cloth from becoming dirty, but will also enhance the appeal of the table altogether and reduce the monotony of the look by adding a variety to it. The light green color along with the deep colored border is just ideal for the love-filled celebration.
Potter’s Clay Side Plate Green Set of Six Pieces: Don’t you think that the plate set would be perfect to serve the yummy Holi delicacies like Malpua and Ggujiya in style and elegance? Get a hold of the set as soon as possible and reflect your craving for good things.
Swayam Kitchen Linen Set Green: While preparing the Holi delicacies, you should look colorful too. Therefore, bring home a lovely set that even has an apron and look bright and appealing while cooking the exclusive Holi cuisine.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chandni Chowk at Present

Busiest Shopping Area
Chandani Chowk is one of the busiest market areas in Delhi. People from all over India; come here to shop for various things available here. Kuchas and Galis in Chandani Chowk still reflect the historical culture. Culture of Chandani Chowk is unique in whole Delhi. Different lanes in Chandani Chowk are dedicated to different items like sarees, textile, jewellery, food items, and electrical goods. Like Parathewali Gali is known for its delicious Parathas and sweets, Dariba is known for Gold and silver jewelry, Nai Sarak is dedicated to books and stationery items. Baghrath Place in Chandani Chowk is a wholesale market of electrical goods. People, especially from north India, come here for their special shopping such as wedding shopping.

Chanadani Chowk:Religious Centre
Chandani Chowk is the good example of religious harmony in India. There you can see Gurudwaara, Temple, Jain Temple, and Mosque standing near to each others. In fact Gurudwara and temple are joined by wall to wall. These religious places include Jama Masjid, Digamber Jain Mandir, Gurudwara Shish Ganj, Gauri Shankar Mandir, Sunheri Masjid.

Eating Joints
Chandani Chowk is the favourite place for lovers of good and spicy food. This is the hub of fast foods like Tikkis, Jalebis, Samosa, Dahi Bhalle and other things.

So, while in Delhi, do make a point to visit Chandani Chowk, at least once. You will not find same kind of place, with so much energy, anywhere in the world.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The blend of Historial and Contemporary culture - Chandini Chowk

While on a Delhi tour, it is customary for most tourists to have a visit to Chandani Chowk. Noted among the oldest and the busiest markets in Delhi, Chandani Chaowk is located in the Central Delhi. Situated opposite to Red Fort, across the road, Chandani Chowk is among those places in Delhi which still reflect their historical character. Ruins of history can be seen in the still lively galis and kuchas in the Chandani Chowk. Old Delhi railway Station, Interstate Bus Terminus, Ajmeri Gate Sadar Bazar- all crowded areas are in close proximity of Chandani Chowk.

Historically speaking, Chandani Chowk was the idea of Jahanara, the darling daughter of Mughal emperor, Shahjahan. Chandani Chowk used to look like a shining paradise in the days of yore. In the walled city of Old Delhi, it was the main avenue opposite Red Fort. A canal used flow in the centre of the street which was used for the water supply needs of this area. The water flowing in the canal used to look like crystal when moon rays fell on it. Members of Royal family used to come here on evenings for a stroll. Chandani Chowk was divided into three sections. First section started from Lahori Darwaza to Chowk Kotwal. Then second part was from Chowk Kotwali to Chandani Chowk and the third section started from Chandani Chowk to Fatehpuri Masjid. In the centre of Chandani Chowk, there was a reflecting pool.

This was just small but interesting part of information about Chandani Chowk.
In the next section, we will talk about the present look of Chandani Chowk.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rajasthan had always fascinated me for its natural as well as manmade beauty. Rajasthan is a land of various land features. Most part of Rajasthan is covered by Indian desert. Besides desert, Rajasthan can boast of its green patches and flourishing flora and fauna. Rajasthan is the land of royals, great warriors and majestic kings, hence the name given to it.

Rajasthan has its own glorious past which is still sung in the form of legends. Monotonous colors of desert of Rajasthan are offset by its colourful and vibrant culutre. This culture of Rajasthan attracts many visitors from all teh corners of world. Rajasthan has unique culture of its own, which, no place in the world, can match.

Everything, which is associated with Rajasthan, has some unique aura about it, be it cuisine, costume, art, dance or music, whatever you name. Visit to rajasthan is something, you can not afford to miss.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Golden City of Jaisalmer in Thar Desert

Jaisalmer holds a unique place in all the cities of Rajasthan. The largest district of Jaisalmer in the state of Rajasthan is located amidst the scorched and sandy terrain of the Great Thar Desert of India. Jaisalmer is one of the most attractive cities of the Rajasthan. It is located deep in the Thar Desert.

Jaisalmer was founded by the Rawal Jaisal, in 1156 A.D., a descendent of the Yadav Clan and a Bhatti Rajput, abandoned his fort at Lodurva and founded a new capital -Jaisalmer, atop the Trikuta Hill.

Jaisalmer is more often and aptly called the “golden City” as the sunsets, the sandstone buildings emit a lustrous glow. Jaisalmer has such a mystic aura and grandeur that no other city can match. There are ancient palaces, temples and haveli constructed of yellow sandstone, on which when golden sun rays fall, give the city a golden hue.